Sunday, April 6, 2008

ZA First Boss Status: DOWNED

On the raid night of 4/5 we not only got a full clear of Kara in by killing Nightbane in our first try and Netherspite in our 2nd try. We also downed the first boss in ZA. Although we got a completely useless drop off of him, we learned alot about this new 10 man instance and we are now prepared to have this on farm while gearing up. Congratulations everyone and good work. With some effort on learning our own classes better and with the gradual process of gearing up a bit more, we should be on our way to further progression.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

First Prince Downing !

Our run on April 4, 2008 or well you can say April 5, 2008 at like 230AM we got our first down on Prince. Above is a picture that shows just that. It went rather smoothe from our usual wipes on Prince. Everyone geared up quite well and it showed clearly. This now leaves the guild 8/10 in Kara and everyone got some good drops tonight in Kara as well. This should put us in good shape for Nightbane and Netherspite. Good job everyone!

Here is a link to Omen for everyone to get on the same page:
Newest Omen

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Current Raid Loot Rules

In an effort to gear up everyone equally and make guild progression smoother and faster we are changing up the loot rules a bit. These new rules will work in this fashion:

If an item drops then we are going to ask those who can use or want this item to link what they are using first. It will go to whoever it will be best for in terms of stats and to the person who will get the most benefit out of it. Bigger upgrades will also be considered heavily to keep everyone on the same level.

We are also limiting each person to 2 epics excluding those items that are class specific or only useful to 1 person in the raid.

We will also allow those only those to roll for certain items given they are the right spec and to those classes who the item will be most useful for.

Tradeskill crafting patterns, regardless of BoP or BoE are going to professions which are close enough or meet the requirement to that of the pattern dropped. If multiple people have the profession, they will each roll on the pattern.

Just to clarify, there will be no favorites being played. These new rules are now being enforced so everyone can be rewarded equally for their effort and participation in the raids and our guild progression. It is unfair for someone to walk out with 3-4 epics and others to walk out with none if everyone has participated equally.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

2.40 Released

As everyone knows today was the big Patch 2.40 release. Along with this release there was also a bunch of problems with many addons that all of us should be using. This is a notification that everyone should have the 2 following updated addons for this weekend's Kara raid. I also threw in a link to an updated version of Scrolling Combat Text knowing that many of us used this addon as well.

(All these add-ons are linked to trusted sites such as Curse Gaming and WoWAce)
Atlas Loot
Deadly Boss Mods
Omen Threat Meter

and another very useful addon:
Scrolling Combat Text

Edit** Thanks to Catbearfish, here is a link with working 2.40 addons:
List of working 2.40 Addons

We will also be running the new 5 man instance sometime over the next few days. So look out for that as well.

As mentioned, there will also be a post coming up shortly with PvP Premade requirements to gear everyone up for PvP as well.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Kara Pre-Reqs

There are the stat requirements the guild will now be using to ensure quicker and more succesful Kara runs. These stats should not be hard to obtain and if you need any help with gear suggestions or upgrades please ask in guild chat.


Main Tank Requirements

[Prot Warrior]
11,500 - 12,000 HP
12,000 Armor
490 Defense
15-30% Dodge / Parry

10,500 - 11,000 HP
11,000 - 12,000 Armor
490 Defense
102.5% Avoidance Total from Block, Dodge, Parry
185-200 Bonus Spell Damage

[Bear Tank]
11,500 - 12,000 HP
20,000 Armor
415 Defense
30% Dodge
(3/3 Survival of the Fittest Talent)

Off Tank Requirements
Must have a nice tank set, but also meet the DPS requirements


Main Healer
1,300 Bonus Healing
8,000 Mana
200 Mana Regen (while not in combat)

Off Heals
1,100 Bonus Healing
8,000 Mana
200 Mana Regen (while not in combat)

Non-Caster DPS

DPS Warriors
1650 - 1700 AP
70 Hit Rating
29 - 33% Crit

DPS (Feral) Druids
2,200 AP
75 Hit Rating
29 - 33% Crit

DPS Rogues
1350 - 1500 AP
90 Hit Rating
20% Crit

Enhance Shamans
1000 - 1200 AP
20-22% Crit
70 - 100 Hit Rating

BM Hunters
1450 - 1600 AP
75 Hit Rating
17.5% Crit
8,000 Health
6,000 Mana

MM Hunters
1750 - 1800 AP
20% Crit
75 Hit Rating
8,000 Health
6,000 Mana

Caster DPS

650-700 Spell Damage
15% Crit (in caster form)
75 Mana Regen
60 - 75 Spell Hit Rating

Mage (Fire/Frost)
650 Spell Damage
20% Crit
70 - 90 Spell Hit Rating

Mage (Arcane)
750 Spell Damage
20% Crit
70 - 90 Spell Hit Rating

Elemental Shaman
700 Spell Damage
20% Crit
40-50 Spell Hit Rating

Shadow Priest
550-650 Shadow Damage
65-75 Spell Hit Rating

Affliction Locks
600 Spell Damage (self buffed)
40-50 Spell Hit Rating

Destro/Demo Locks
650 Spell Damage (self buffed)
40-50 Spell Hit Rating

Any stats in red will be increased in the future. Continue to work on raising them even once you are in range of the requirements.